The Murderous Tyranny of the Insane Super-Rich Elite

If you are reading this, you are likely to think that this is quite a provocative title for a webpage.

Let's walk through why it is appropriate.

There exists in this world a small group of very wealthy people who have a tendency to believe that they are "special" and have the right to rule over all of us "lesser" human beings.

Their goals are to hoard even more power and wealth, reduce the quality of life for us, "everyday" people, reduce the population of the planet, eliminate the culture and sovereignty of individual countries, and create a "New World Order" where they have an iron grip and are masters of the rest of us.  Their methods and tactics are:
• Political influence
• Secrecy
• Manipulation of the media via significant ownership
• Control over the economy by ownership of banks and Federal Reserve
• Broken promises by controlled politicians
• Pro illegal immigration
• Deception
• Interlocking corporate boards
• Lowering of educational standards
• Obfuscation
• Espionage
• Intimidation and death threats
• Murder
• "False Flag" attacks
• Wars
Politically they could be hiding behind a label of either "Republican" or "Democrat", but they just play Republicans and Democrats against each other to their advantage.

Many of these people own interests in companies that produce military weapons.  To profit, they have a tendency to use their influence to create and sustain conflicts in various parts of the world.  Those who have large ownership interests in the banks have indirect control over the "Federal Reserve", and are able to make billions by manipulating the economy.  "The Fed" is neither "federal" nor a "reserve".  Rather, Congress was coerced by the elitists into giving the Fed the extremely profitable ability to create money out of thin air, then loan it out to collect interest.

Crises are artificially created, and are used as opportunities to reduce the freedoms of the general populace in the name of security while simultaneously increasing the power of the elites.

Psychopaths are people who don't feel remorse or guilt when harming others.  To achieve their ends, they will use any means.  Ethics and morality don't exist in their minds.  Whoever gets in their way are eliminated just as most people would swat a mosquito.  Many of these people even gain pleasure when seeing other people in misery.  This is the type of person that is part of this elitist cabal.  These elite leaders are the most cunning, deceitful and persuasive people, and use any and all methods to increase their wealth and power over others.

This probably isn't the first time you have heard of this.  There are lots of "conspiracy theorists" out there.  However, on this site we shall attempt to only deal with verifiable facts and not confuse these facts with "conspiracy theories".  In fact, the term "conspiracy theory" was coined by the elites to deflect people from looking into the actual truth.  The facts speak for themselves and reasonable people can draw their own conclusions.

There are a number of organizations involved in this generations-old shadow administration.  Some of these organizations are out in the open, while others are secret.

The top 3 "overt" organizations are:
The Bilderberg Group
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission

The top 4 "overt" powerful people are:
David Rockefeller
Henry Kissinger
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Henri de Castries

Here are the facts.  Note that times are listed so in a matter of minutes you can confirm the truth stated here: 5:23 3:16 ~5:00 :30 :30
Brzezinski: Nations Yielding :45 ~1:00 1:51 :34 ~2:00 ~15:00 :29 :54 ~1:00 2:02 1:00 ~10:00 ~3:00 ~5:00 ~3:00 ~2:30 ~12:00 73:08
The previous references have dealt primarily with facts.

Based on the facts, a reasonable person could easily conclude that the bold title and statements of this article are true.  A few thousand people control power and resources that directly and indirectly affect the quality of life and freedom of the other 7 billion or so of Earth's inhabitants.

One could also reasonably assume that these power mad individuals will continue on their path of world domination disrupting our natural inclinations towards peace and prosperity unless we stop them.

In fact, their current plan is to destabilize the Middle East by toppling the remaining secular dictators--especially Bashar Hafez al-Assad, of Syria.  If that is accomplished, a huge part of the Mid-East would be controlled by radical Muslim terrorists.  Other countries would be compelled to enter the fray.  They would tend to align with either Iran or Israel.  There is the potential for escalation to a "World War" status.  The already fragile, debt-burdened, world economy would collapse, and martial law would be declared.  Our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights would cease to exist.  This is their plan for their "New World Order", and it seems to be on track.

What can we do?

• Publicize their existence and their activities (cockroaches scatter when the lights are turned on)

• Annoy them - confront and record them when they are in public and post these videos to the Internet

• Use political activism to fight corporate welfare and favoritism in government lawmaking

• Vote for candidates that don't have ties to the establishment and/or publically oppose them

• Use political activism to oppose wars and military intervention

• Make sure that they know that their actions have consequences

• Be educated and informed - inform others - use your creativity to think up new ways to fight their oppression

For further information and reading:

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